Seagate Exos 15E900 300GB 2.5" SAS HDD/Hard Drive

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Exos 15E900: Trusted. Efficient. Versatile

Trusted, efficient, and versatile enterprise storage with dependable performance, the Exos™ 15E900 hard drive is designed for fast, reliable, and secure storage for mission-critical data centers. With capacities up to 900GB for servers, the Exos 15E900 leads the market with the highest performance for real-world workloads. Count on this drive for your transaction-based application needs.

Performance You Need with the Affordability You Demand

Exos 15E900 hard drives accelerate I/O operations and complete more transactions faster — even during peak demand. The 900 GB model Exos 15E900 was the first to store 50% more mission-critical data than any other 15K hard drive. By providing higher capacities at lower cost than high-performance alternatives, Exos 15E900 drives help optimise TCO. They deliver more predictable performance (up to 27% more sustained data rate than previous generation) while helping to protect data from corruption due to unexpected power loss.

Unrivalled Versatility Is Key

The Exos 15E900 is available in a range of drive formats, including 512 native and a single Fast Format models for advanced formats (4Kn and 512e) that simplifies drive management. Industry-leading read caching with TurboBoost® technology for optimum response times is perfect for OLTP applications. The Advanced Write Caching feature utilises enhanced algorithms for the industry’s highest mission-critical storage workload performance efficiencies. The Exos 15E900 uses traditional NAND and advanced algorithms to promote hot data and meet performance requirements (up to 2.6× improvements over last generation). By enabling high density with power efficiency, Exos 15E900 drives are ideal for space- and power-constrained enterprise data centres. Widely accepted, proven sixth-generation technology provides reliable access to demanding high-performance applications.

• Improve your TCO for faster time-to-data for transaction-based applications.
• Capacity options of 900GB, 600GB, and 300GB mean that you never have to trade performance for affordable space.
• Accelerates I/O operations and completes more transactions faster—for OLTP, big data analytics and data warehousing—even during peak demand.
• Industry-leading read caching with Seagate® TurboBoost™ technology for optimum response times and Advanced Write Caching for the industry’s highest mission-critical storage workload efficiency.
• Enhanced Caching optimizes read and write performance in random and sequential real-world workloads.
• Optimal flexibility means you get to reduce storage complexity by helping streamline design while supporting legacy systems.

Ideal for:
• High-performance, mission-critical enterprise servers requiring 24×7 availability.
• Highly reliable blade, pedestal, rack and tower servers.
• Transaction-based applications, like OLTP, databases, HPC and Big Data analytics.
• Power- and space-constrained data centres.
Capacity 300 GB
Edition Exos 15E900 Enterprise
Form Factor 2.5"
Flash Memory Size N/A
Flash Memory Type N/A
Height 15 mm
Rotation Speed 15,000 rpm
Sector Size 512N
Cache 256MB
Access Time 2 ms
Host to/from Drive Sustained Transfer Rate 210 (Inner) to 300 (Outer) MB/s
Interface SAS-3 (12Gb/s)
Load/Unload Cycles  
Annualised Workload Rating  
Non-Recoverable Read Errors per Bits Read <1 in 10^16
Max. Operating Shock 40 G
Max.Power Usage 6.9 W
Dimensions 69.85 x 15 x 100.45 (WxHxD mm)
Package Type OEM